I present 15 to 45 minute talks and interactive workshops on futurism and the spirit of invention - speaking from personal anecdotes.

Talks can be remote, in person, underwater or in space.

Audiences have included C-suite leaders, future visionaries, tech industry professionals, engineers, designers, artists, creativity curious adults, STEAM students, kids and pets.

Free for non-profits, educational institutions, and collectives.

Please reach out directly at my email on the Contact page.

Selected Videos

TED When the Moon shoots back ►

TEDx 2016 Where to find disruptive ideas ►

TEDx 2015 Love, See, Do. Repeat. ►

WIRED Learning and Education in a wearable age ►

INK Talks Technology Takes the Wheel ►

Smart Kitchen Summit Augmented Food Experiences ►

Future Flash Media-Mediums ►

MIT Museum Hacking the body ►

The Future Recipe For Media, Food & Cooking Media-Mediums ►

Selected Talks

2024 Cambridge Harvard University HarvardXR : Panel

2024 Virtual KIT "Keynote"

2023 Singapore Forbes Summit "Keynote"

2023 NYC MIT Media Lab x Foster America Panel + Workshop on Future Foster Care

2023 Reykjavik Creativity Conference “Create Dangerously : Absurdist AI, Human Empathy and how to beat the machine (or at least be friends)”

2023 Virtual LTVC Library Teen Virtual Convention "Careers in STEM"

2023 Vienna Moonshot Pirates “Moonshots begin on Earth”

2023 Virtual Kyoorius Design Yatra “Pro(to)topia"

2023 Portland UMaine “Design Futures“

2021 Nasik Swayam “Innovation for Everyone“

2019 Toronto FITC “Masterclass“

2018 NYC NEW INC, NEW Museum "BacteriaWatch"

2018 Berlin TEDx “Where to find disruptive ideas“

2018 NYC HOK “Masterclass“

2018 Trondheim Norwegian University of Science and Technology “Masterclass“

2017 NYC AIF “Everyday Inventing“

2016 Klagenfurt TEDx “D=U“

2015 Beijing Tencent “Future?“

2015 Pittsburgh CMU School of Design “The art of looking sideways.“

2015 Seattle John Boylan's Conversation Series “Art, Design and Fabrication“

2015 Hamburg TEDx “Love, See, Do. Repeat.“

2015 Los Angeles 72andSunny “Masterclass“

2015 Toronto ICA+Contagious Future Flash “Media-Mediums“

2015 London Second Home “Letting go“

2014 London WIRED “Learning and Education in a wearable age“

2014 Mumbai INK Talks “So far..“

2014 Goa Kyoorius Design Yatra “Life is an omelette“

2014 Mumbai INK Salon “Superhuman in making“

2013 Cambridge MIT Museum “Hacking the body“

2013 Boston Architecture Expo Keynote “SuperShoes : facilitating urban rediscovery“

2013 Tokyo Tokyo Design Week “SuperShoes : facilitating urban rediscovery“

2013 Cambridge MIT Media Lab “Wearables and the art of getting lost“

2012 Cambridge MIT Media Lab “Made in China : Manufacturing in Shenzhen“

2011 Singapore Singapore Arts House “ThinkerToys“