below are works mostly pre 2014, more recent works are either filed on the ODD Industries website or might still be under NDA. more info on the Info page.

supershoes = tickling shoes that facilitate urban rediscovery obake = 2.5d elastic shape shifting display radical kitchen = sensorial tools, ambient utensils, living kitchen cheers = alcohol-aware strobing ice-cubes that respond to music flipit = reinterpreting age-old artifacts for contemporary news consumption aura = digital interactions with your physical aura and the aura of objects and spaces the nostalgia room = what was your life like? sit on a swing in an alive dark room; experience it thinkertoys = converting ewaste into educational fun toys icon = wearable teleportation device coucou = bringing digital social networks into the physical real world tweet-a-fleur = flower that blooms or droops if the world is happy or sad anuvada = parallel real-time translation into 56 languages emotweet = machine generated paintings from tweets google sets api = unofficial api to access google sets urban rediscovery toolkit = optical tools to alter perception towards reality invisible = fiber optic experiments with invisibility lovotics = robotic pet that ‘loves’ you musik = play an instrument without knowing how to play lokshahi = mobile civic tool for rural empowerment automatic = machines, humans, fabrication mediumx = physical tools for geologist to interact with paper in a digital way jellow = emotional communication tool for cerebral palsy kids sms-cv = send an sms to email a cv ifeel = machine ontology to map mechanical attributes to emotions horizon = hand gesture glove