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Selected Talks

TED When the Moon shoots back ►

TEDx 2016 Where to find disruptive ideas ►

TEDx 2015 Love, See, Do. Repeat. ►

WIRED Learning and Education in a wearable age ►

INK Talks Technology Takes the Wheel ►

Smart Kitchen Summit Augmented Food Experiences ►

Future Flash Media-Mediums ►

MIT Museum Hacking the body ►


Fast Company MIT's tickling shoes tell you where to walk

V&A Shoes : Pleasure and Pain

Popular Science Toe-Tickling Shoes Let You Navigate The City By Touch

The Atlantic Cities The High-Tech Shoes That 'Tickle' You Directions

WIRED Magazine (Sept 2013) Vibrating shoes could be the future of navigation and wearable tech

BostonInno Fashion Forward: Wearable Tech to Rock This Fallh

GizMag SuperShoes tickle your toes to help you find your way

NPR Last word

HackADay Super Shoes Lead The Way

Channel 5 Tickle to turn! Smart insoles for shoes offer silent directions for navigation

DVICE Stop staring at your phone and let these vibrating shoes navigate you

Economic Times SuperShoes soles help you find your way with ease

and on DailyMail, Inquisitr, Engadget, Gizmodo, BostInno, Mid-Day, AoL, Springwise, 91M, Los40, Fainaidea, News Deutschland, InfoHighTech, FreshGadgets, FashioningTech, 163, RTL Nieuws, WebWereld, Gagadget, Computeridee, Money, KWiT, TechWeb, LiveDoor, News 10, NewsHour24, KSDK, WKYC, Cool Wearable, Express, Digital Afro, The Wearable Stuff, BRIT, Dapperism, Graphism, TechWeb, e27.


Creative Applications ‘Obake’ (o-baa-keh) – 2.5D interaction gestures to manipulate 3D surfaces

The Creator's Project 3D? Whatev! Obake Is A "2.5D" Elasticated Touch Screen Display

WIRED Augmented Reality: Obake elastic touchscreen

Wall Street Journal (Print + Web) A shapeshifting screen

MIT Technology Review A New Computer Screen Reaches Out to Touch You

Mashable A Touchscreen You Can Pinch, Poke and Stretch

The Verge Elastic touchscreen prototype lets you pinch and zoom in '2.5D'

Fast Company's Co.Design Can A Shapeshifting UI Make You Hug Your Toaster?

Gizmodo Pinch To Zoom Is Literal On This Elastic Touchscreen Display

ExtremeTech An elastic touchscreen into which you can literally sink your fingers

Inquisitr Obake Multi-touch 2.5D Elastic Screen

DeviceMag Obake Takes Touchscreens to Elastic Turf; Pinch, Push or Pull at Will

SlashGear Obake stretchy touchscreen concept lets you pinch, prod and pummel data

Quirky Flexible Touch Screens Add a New Dimension to Interface Design

DVICE How about an elastic touchscreen?

UberGizmo Elastic Touchscreen Could Be The Future

Tom's Guide Obake : l'écran élastique 2,5D

Trend Hunter Ductile Elastic Touchscreens

Phys Pinch, prod, pull on stretchy display by MIT creatives

Protein Obake

Incitrio The Future of UI Design – Beyond the 2D Experience

Technology Pinch, prod, pull on stretchy display by MIT creatives

and on Golem, OhGizmo, iGyaan


TIME Magazine MIT student invents LED ice-cubes that track how much you have been drinking

ABC News MIT Student Invents LED Ice Cubes to Track Alcohol Intake

CNN MIT student invents smart ice cubes

Popular Science Glowing Ice Cubes Warn You When You Drink Too Much

Mashable These Ice Cubes Text Your Friend When You Had Too Much To Drink

Cosmopolitan Can an Ice Cube Keep You From Drinking Too Much?

Wiley-Blackwell Publishers The Perfect Meal: The Multisensory Science of Food and Dining

Discovery Smart Ice Cubes Tell When You're Drunk

Daily Mail MIT student invents digital ice cube that tells his friends to take him home when he's drunk too much

Huffington Post LED ice-cubes prevent alcohol blackouts

Engadget Alcohol aware LED ice-cubes

The Creators Project Alcohol Aware LED "Ice Cubes" Know When You've Had Enough To Drink

The Next Web After alcohol-induced blackout, this MIT researcher created glowing ice cubes to track his drinking

The Week These ice cubes know when you're drunk

Hack A Day LED ice cubes prevent alcohol induced blackouts

PSFK Glowing Ice Cubes Warn People on Excessive Drinking

Yahoo News New LED ice cubes tell you when to stop drinking

IMDb Digital ice cubes designed by MIT student detect how drunk someone is

SlashDot Smart Ice Cubes Tell When You've Had Enough Alcohol

GizMag Smart "ice cubes" tell you when you've had too much to drink

PSFK Smart ice cubes tell drinkers when they've had too much

The Inquisitr LED Ice Cubes Track Alcohol Consumption

The Blaze Ice cubes that tell you when you've had enough booze

DesignTaxi Alcohol aware ice cubes aware users of over drinking

MTV Smart 'Ice Cubes' Signal When You've Had Too Much To Drink

Salon Super smart ice cube warns you when you drink too much

Paste Magazine LED ice cubes warn you when you had too much

Tom's Hardware Smart ice-cubes that tell you when to stop drinking

The Blorge These ice cubes could save you from a massive hangover

and on Massachusetts Sun, DVICE, SmartPlanet, The National Student, TechTV, BBC Radio, ABC Radio, Digital Trends, About, DNA, Complex Magazine, Phoenix Times, Dublin News, Digital Journal, Eureka Magazine, Express, The Curious Brain, Tech Journal, Fox Boston, Sprinchie, UberGizmo, DeviceMag, Positively Good, Media Bistro, El Obervador, Repubblica, Enter, InFranken, Focus, Manna, El Correo, Heise.


The Verge ThinkerToys repurpose old keyboards, mice, and monitors into educational toys

GizMag Using e-waste to create educational toys, with ThinkerToys

MAKE ThinkerToys turns eWaste into fun gadgetry

Gizmodo Simple Educational Toys Hacked From Electronic Waste

Times Toying with eWaste

Core77 Repurposing eWaste into eLearning

Arduino eWate to toys - ThinkerToys

Nokia Blog ThinkerToys give e-waste a new life

PSFK Simple toys made out of hacked eWaste

Open IDEO Using eWaste to teach

Tom's Guide ThinkerToys Transforms eWaste Into Educational, Fun Tools

Global Wire Books Recharge E-waste: Ideas For Reducing Electronic Waste And Greening The Tech World

DVICE ThinkerToys give e-waste a new life as e-learning tools

Orange Transformer les déchets électroniques en jouets éducatifs

MKSHFT Upcycled electronics

Innovation Toronto Using e-waste to create educational toys, with ThinkerToys

and on Engadget, Afrika, HipsterWay, Culture Waves, RGB Daily, Unconsumption, Linux, Zagg, WattNow, EcoFriend, Electronic Products.


The FlipIt Frame Aims to Change the Way People Consume News Stories

PSFK Media Consumption Device Lets You Flip and Shake to Alter News Perspectives


Times Enablers for the disabled